Not a Number, a term I came to know when I first started writing JS code. It was irritating to transition to a scripting language like JS from structured languages like C++ and Java, but it taught me a great lesson in life, just because something or someone is different from the way you are used to does not mean it is bad. Once you get to know things, situations, people you open yourself up for fresh perspectives in life.

I used the term nerdy and noisy first time to describe myself about 2 years back. I don't remember where or in what context I used it, but it stuck in my head. So, being the nerd that I am, I went ahead and bought this domain.

I  had this domain for a long time not knowing what I want to do with it. Then I went through a bad phase in my life, and realised one of the reasons for that was I had no one to share my ideas, thoughts with. I was afraid of how people would perceive me, if I am open up about everything that goes on in this weird head of my mine. When I got out on the other side, I realised it does not matter how people perceive you for speaking the truth, because the ones who love you will be around and the ones who are not around should never have mattered.

So, here I am starting something new in life. A space where I will write my thoughts about society, technology, my life and anything else that comes into my head. If you like it come read it, if you don't like it don't read it, or read it & hate me, choices are endless and they are yours to make. We are humans and not numbers, we have choices that are not binary, and we are free to make those choices. That is what this space is about my thoughts, ideas and choices that might not fit any society/majority defined binary buckets.